An Anchor During Rough Times

The Hall Family

On August 8, 2016, our 17 year old daughter entered inpatient treatment after a long, difficult 3 1/2 year battle with AMPS, a chronic pain syndrome.  With only a handful of locations in the country that treat this condition, we traveled from Charlotte, North Carolina to New Brunswick, NJ.

The Ronald McDonald Houses in New Brunswick and Long Branch worked together to help provide housing and a place to recoup, regroup and safely land.  The compassion and generosity of spirit that each staff member and volunteer has demonstrated has been astounding.  A close friend of ours, whose son battled Neuroblastoma years ago, told me OFTEN what a godsend the RMH in NY was to their family.  To experience it now firsthand in our time of need is both humbling and healing.  With so much uncertainty that families in medical crisis face, the Ronald McDonald House is an anchor and a wellspring of encouragement.  We are ever grateful!


To learn the many ways you can help families in need at The Ronald McDonald House, please visit our volunteer page or make a donation.