Betty Stoloff Story

My name is Eva Niemeijer and I am currently a patient in Children’s Specialized Hospital. I had surgery on February 24th to rotate my right femur bone and lengthen my abductor muscles. Unfortunately, on April 8th, I had to have my femur bone readjusted because it had shifted again, which means that I will have a much longer hospital stay than I originally anticipated.

The Ronald McDonald house has been extremely helpful for my mother and I during this difficult time. It’s helpful to have somewhere else to go and relax and recharge after a day in the hospital. While there she has access to her own room, her own bathroom and a shared living room and kitchen, which can provide her a sense of normalcy while I am hospitalized. The staff are very sweet and helpful, and are always there if you need them for anything. They are very supportive, and invested in making sure you have the best experience possible while you are there. The staff at the New Brunswick House was kind enough to help us arrange transportation when I wanted to go to a concert in New York City. It is also helpful to have a place to talk to other parents about your experiences and be in an environment where everyone understands the situation that you are in.

 Not only is all of this helpful for my mother, but it is helpful for me to recover easier, knowing that my mother has a place to go when things get rough. It’s helpful to have another support system outside of the hospital.

 Thank you to the Ronald McDonald House and their amazing staff for creating such a wonderful, supportive environment for your families.


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