The Hunt's Story

Dear Ronald McDonald House,

In July 2010 our family took a step of faith by adopting a little girl with severe special needs. At the time we knew our finances were limited, but felt compelled to move forward anyway. During the first year together, we spent many days in and out of medical facilities. We found a specialist near Long Branch, NJ and saw immediate results toward healing and wholeness.

We knew our daughter needed help, but our dilemma was figuring out how to afford the trips from Tennessee to New Jersey several times throughout the year for medical treatments. A couple months later we heard about the Ronald McDonald House for the very first time.

In January 2012 we booked a four-week stay at the RMH. It has been such a positive experience! The employees are professional and very friendly. They have also been very generous to our family, providing gifts for our daughters and paid transportation to NYC. One staff member even made it possible for us to visit a horse ranch.  

The volunteers have been equally pleasant. Lynne Hawkins, a volunteer & Weekend Relief Manager brought in a book series from her home, allowing my oldest daughter to borrow while staying here.  There are also invisible volunteers who made our stay incredible. Many full course meals have mysteriously appeared during supper-time. I wish they were around to say, “THANK YOU” to.

I want to say a huge, “THANK YOU!” to the staff, volunteers (visible and invisible), and sponsors for helping our family.  It takes a lot of people and donations to provide such a wonderful experience for families like ours. May God richly bless each of you!

P.S. Our daughter used her right arm for the first time while staying at the house.


Dion, Linnet, Sara & Siri Hunt


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